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It is probably safe to assume you wouldn’t hesitate to get a damaged water pipe or a faulty brake line on your car repaired. So why should you postpone getting your AC repaired that hasn’t been keeping you cool? If you cannot rely on your AC unit to keep you cool all night, then it’s time to call for backup – our AC company. These four signs could be indications that you need AC repair:

1. Your unit causes uneven cooling leaving cool and warm spots.

2. You don’t feel cool air coming from your vents.

3. You hear odd noises from the system.

4. The unit starts emitting strange odors.

It’s not unlikely for a homeowner to simply adjust to the rapid decline in their home comfort level when their air conditioning system starts to go. However, this decline in comfort tends to bring a decrease in their quality of life. Instead, you should take note of the above signs that your system needs to be repaired or  replaced and have our qualified experts upgrade your system as soon as possible. Our skilled technicians can make the upgrade process smooth and they’ll ensure that you’re completely satisfied with every part of your service.



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Extended labor warranty and financing options available!
Our Services Are Available in Sunnyvale, Richardson, Plano, Farmer Branch, Rowlett, Irving and Arlington

Air Conditioning Replacement and Maintenance Service Near You | AC Installation Company

If you ever need a reliable service to diagnose your AC issues, our company will be there to provide you with effective solutions. When you have us by your side, you have no reason to panic. During our many years on the job, we haven’t come across anything yet that we can’t replace or repair.

Here are two things to keep in mind:

Getting your unit repaired doesn’t have to be costly.

Sometimes, the root cause isn’t as complex to fix as it seems. However, you won’t know what the issue is unless you contact us to have your system analyzed.

These are some common problems we come across:

Coolant leaks. A coolant leak can cause uneasiness with rising temperatures in your home. There are several ways to fix coolant leaks and restore your comfort level quickly.

Clogged or dirty filters. Filters often get clogged or dirty from trapped debris which causes uneven cooling. It is essential to check them frequently and replace them as needed.

Defective compressors. Check your compressor, the outdoor unit, to see if it blows warm or cool air. If a compressor blows warm air, it could mean a coolant leak, and you will need to call for service.

Malfunctioning or uncalibrated thermostats. Defective thermostats are often the root cause of unbalanced cooling. They must be calibrated annually to ensure they are accurate and functioning properly.

As soon as you feel your AC unit is not cutting the mustard you should make the call to our team of experienced and fully-trained technicians to inspect and perform any maintenance that is needed.  You have no worries if we run across a major issue. Our expert team also offers AC replacement to make you comfortable again.

System Replacement

Duration varies • Price varies
Free estimates when you need to replace your system.

Preventive Maintenance

Duration varies • $119 – 2 preventive maintenance per year to ensure your equipment is working in optimum conditions.


Duration varies • Price varies
Our team is thoroughly trained and always up to date on the latest brands, technology and best practices.

Tune up

Duration varies • $69
We provide a one time tune ups when you need a single check for the AC or heater.


Duration varies • Price varies
Our team has extensive experience to get your system back up and running.

Service calls

Duration varies • Price varies
We are ready to diagnose your system whenever you experience failures in your system.


1) Free in duct air purifier when you buy a 14 or 16 SEER single stage equipment!

2) Free electronic air cleaner (Trane or Lennox) or humidifier when you buy a two stage equipment!

3) We are offering services as AC replacement companies in Sunnyvale, Richardson, Plano, Farmer Branch, Rowlett, Irving and Arlington

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If you want a home with a comfortable temperature just call us for fast service. We will resolve any and all issues with your air conditioning. We guarantee you’ll have a cool home in no time.

Top-Notch Heat Pump Installation, Repair & Replacement Services

When it comes to installing, repairing, or replacing a heat pump system in your house or commercial space, Nova Air AC can do the work quickly and efficiently while causing the least amount of inconvenience to you. Nova Air AC is a leading heat pump installation, repair & replacement company in Farmers Branch TX. We’ve installed a number of heat pump systems and specialize in the repair and replacement of all types of heat pump systems.

The Most Reliable Coil Installation, Repair & Replacement Services

Nova Air AC offers coil installation, repair & replacement services for cooling and heating systems for both residential and commercial properties. Our services have a 100% client satisfaction rate and have received nothing but great comments. Nova Air AC is a one-stop shop for all of your coil servicing needs to make your place more comfortable. We’re at your disposal whether you need to replace an old coil due to clogging or install a new coil. We are only a phone call away from resolving all of your heating and cooling system issues!

Specialized Condenser Installation, Repair & Replacement Services

Nova Air AC specializes in condenser installation, repair & replacement services that are particularly tailored to address the problems you’re experiencing. Our client-centered approach considers every aspect of your home or company and focuses on your comfort and budget, resulting in a heating and cooling system that you will be proud of. You can always count on us if you have a problem with your condenser—just give us a call for prompt service!


Mercedes Garcia, says:

"Excelent sevice! Best AC company in Dallas! Highly recommend it, prices are reasonable!"

Jessica McGuire, says:

"I met Salvador and his beautiful family when I sold them their home last year. I recently used his services for myself and I can honestly say that I am very pleased with his visit. He quickly diagnosed the issues I had and thoroughly explained everything to me. He is an awesome person and very good at his job I must say!"

Brian Burcham, says:

"Salvador and his team did a great job installing my package unit on a challenging rooftop for a price that significantly beat other quotes I was receiving for lesser brands. Salvador was very responsive to all my requests and gave me some great advise even when it was to proceed with work that wouldn't benefit him (home warranty). I can't recommend them enough."



6:00am – 9:00pm


214) 552-2008


6:00am – 9:00pm